Chewy Influencer: Solid Gold Pets Five Oceans Shrimp & Tuna

The kitties tried Solid Gold Pets Wet Food this month and it was a hit! I was a little wary of the bigger pieces in the recipe they tried, but the kitties were not deterred. The kitties loved the little shrimps in the Five Oceans Shrimp & Tuna Recipe. The cans are a great size, too; we got two full meals and a snack for each kitty out of just one can! We’ll definitely try other flavors once we finish these 🍤🐟

Check out the product description on Chewy for more details, but this was what really intrigued me: “Loaded with vitamins and minerals, this grain and gluten free wet cat food provides the complete and balanced nutrition your kitty deserves. It also contains taurine which helps to support healthy vision and a strong heart for cats….” I’m very dedicated to providing my kitties with the best nutrition and making sure they get all the vitamins and minerals they need.

We received this wet food from Chewy in exchange for our honest review through the Chewy Influencer program.


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