It’s been a busy couple months…

Hello, Again!

I don’t know about you, but the end of 2018 was a total whirlwind for us and the kitties. Louis and Olivia are quite disgusted with how much I have slacked on their blog here. I hope to get back to my regular posting soon.


In the Meantime: Critter Crafting Updates:

First, check out our latest Modern Cat feature. The magazine has chosen Critter Crafting as one of their Fave Finds. We are so grateful for the Modern Cat team’s continuous support and their help in getting the word out about our greyhound donation fund.

Modern Cat Fave Find 2018 Badge for Critter Crafting

Some of you may know that Louis and Olivia are Florida kitties. Florida has recently passed a Constitutional Amendment to phase out dog racing in the state. Yay! One of the major criticisms of this Amendment was that it would leave many greyhounds homeless. To counteract this, I decided to set aside a portion of my Critter Crafting proceeds to donate to a local South Florida greyhound rescue! (Plus, from some of the articles I’ve read, the issue of finding greyhounds homes hasn’t been as difficult as critics originally thought, which is also awesome!).

Second, we are having an end-of-the-year/New Years Eve sale in the shop! No code necessary, everything is 15% off. We thought this would be a fun way to celebrate the end of the year (and humom’s birthday on NYE!) and to make room for some awesome new Cat Mats that will be going up in the shop once the kitties agree to meowdel cooperatively….Tabby Cat with Gray Crochet Critter Crafting Cat Mat

Those are the two major updates for now. We’ve been having behavioral issues with the girls (always) which have also been taking up a lot of our attention. *Someone* has taken to peeing on the bed. I am 99% sure its Olivia and not Emory (Louis is out of the running, he never does anything like that). Olivia’s been checked out at the vet and is totally healthy, so it’s definitely behavioral. We’re working on it but cats sure can be ornery. It’s getting better between them, though, so fingers crossed this issue might be becoming a thing of the past (I know I’ve said that before).

We’ve added some of our new favorite calming agents and toys to our Happy Cat, Happy Home Amazon list. Check them out here!


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