Olivia’s First Adoptaversary

This week — November 14th, specifically — we celebrated Olivia’s first adoptaversary. Animal adoption is so important to me, so I like to treat my kitties’ adoptaversaries like they’re birthdays, basically.

Olivia’s first year with me has been quite the roller coaster. Beyond learning about her crazy kitten personality, the loss of her litter mate, Fergus, who had been adopted by my mother, has hung overhead like a dark cloud. The loss of Fergus was twofold. First, I loved little Ferg. He was a sweet baby kitty with a thousand toes and a sweet personality. Second, I knew nothing about FIP (an ambiguous issue with kittens) and was so worried about whether Olivia would succumb to it as well.

Luckily, Olivia is a strong little kitty and has grown well over the year. She has gained weight, gotten taller and longer, and met all the kitty cat milestones over the year. I finally am confident that she will be fine, but it’s always in the back of my mind. I think it will always be in the back of my mind, really.

So, as we celebrate Olivia’s adoptaversary, I remember Fergus and the lessons he taught me with both kitten care/issues and with sudden loss. I think of Elaine, Olivia’s third litter mate, who was adopted by my cousin and who is healthy, happy, and loving her home. And I think of Olivia, my baby girl, my little shadow who keeps me company with whatever I do and has reinforced for me that animals are so important and so strong.


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