New in the Store! Oversized Cat Mats

You may have noticed that I am working to standardize my Critter Crafting crochet Cat Mats. With some exceptions, the new listings to the shop are 15 inch by 15 inch granny squares. Hopefully, this way, I can begin to make more than one of each color/style, like this one! I plan to make more “patchwork” style Cat Mats in the future, as well, since the one I had listed a few months ago seemed pretty popular.

In addition to the new sizing focus, I am also working to create a second size option: the oversized Cat Mat! These Cat Mats are going to be squares of about 20 inches by 20 inches. They’re purfect for multiple cats (if they want to share!), larger cats, cats that want to stretch out, or small-to-medium sized dogs (although the original size works well with small dogs as well!).

So far, Critter Crafting has 2 oversized Cat Mats available: one, a springtime inspired granny square and the second a lovely sage and white piece made with a super unique (and machine washable) yarn I purchased while in Scotland!

OversizedCat matDSC_0084.JPGLou & Green Cat MatDSC_0378.JPGDSC_0435.JPG


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