Catching Up on Tabby Tuesday Cuteness

Last night, towards the end of Tabby Tuesday, I hid a bunch of Louis and Olivia’s “treat” kibble around the apartment (a special high protein tasty kibble that I give them when they want quantity). The last few nights, Olivia has been pretty active, knocking things off counters and being generally disruptive, so I thought a little game of chase before bed and then find-the-treat should keep her busy.

Of course, Louis wanted in on the fun, too. He quickly found his way to the top of the cat tree, where I hid five or so pieces of kibble under a Cat Mat. Louis then kind-of-posed beneath his baby picture, which was so adorable that I had to get a picture. Unfortunately, he was too busy to sit still really well, so here are some of the best shots I got.

Louis has come a long way, don’t you think!?



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