Cat Mat Care

Happy Tabby Tuesday!

First of all, an update: we have a number of new Cat Mats now available in the Critter Crafting store. Each is $15 plus shipping and comes with a few potent sprays of Louis & Olivia’s favorite cat nip spray, so they’re sure to be a hit!

I’ve gotten questions about the durability of Critter Crafting’s Cat Mats, particularly in regards to clawing and whether they tear. Kitty claws typically don’t get caught on the yarn, and even if they do and your furbaby tears a few fibers as they unhook the nail, the Cat Mat will be just fine. Our Cat Mats are durable and unlikely to be torn even when your furbaby tries to bunny kick it into submission!

Beyond this, they are all machine washable and can be thrown in the dryer. The yarn will only get softer and cozier with washes.

Head over to the Shop to shop the newest Critter Crafting Cat Mats! 


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