Birthstone Cat Mat Collection: Amethyst

Continuing with the Birthstone Theme…

Are you ready for our second Collection reveal!?


We made it through January!

The kitties all agree that January felt like a crazy long month, especially with the chilly weather (even here in sunny South Florida!).

Now that we’re into February, it’s time to reveal our second Cat Mat in the Birthstone Cat Mat collection. We’re happy to show off our February Birthstone Cat Mat, inspired by the lovely purple Amethyst.

February: the Amethyst

Amethyst is a variety of quartz with a lengthy history. Neolithic peoples in what is now Europe used amethysts as decorative emblems as early as 4000 BC. Amethyst was favored by ancient Greeks and Romans, who believed the stone warded off Bacchus’ allure, keeping people “clear headed and quick-witted.” In the Middle Ages, Amethysts were used to symbolize royalty – unsurprising based on the reservation of purple dye for royalty as well.

The stone is associated with aspirational qualities such as peace, courage, and stability.


Very Important: the Cat Mat Details

The Amethyst Cat Mat is our standard size Cat Mat. It is a medium size square that is purrfect for kittens or adult cats. For reference, the Cat Mat measures roughly 16 inches by 16 inches. It will likely stretch out with use, wash, and wear, though. The largely square shape makes it ideal for cat trees, beds, and carriers.

This Cat Mat, like all of the pet blankets in our shop, is machine washable. You can throw it right into the dryer, too! It’s just get softer with washes, so don’t be shy.

Here, Olivia meowdels how the Cat Mat can be worn as a cape! Very stylish. Super cozy.

Olivia was actually the more cooperative meowdel today. This is kind of unusual. Olivia is my squirmy girl. She loves to help out with everything, but really doesn’t like to sit still. On the other hand, Louis really loves to pose. Also, Louis likes to nap and does not like being woken up from a nap to meowdel. Usually, Louis is more patient…and less derpy. But we’ll give him a pass because he’s still pretty stinking cute.


The Amethyst Cat Mat is $20 + shipping. All of our orders ship super quickly — generally within 24 hours, definitely within 36. We use recyclable mailers and pre-nip all of the Cat Mats with the kitties’ favorite Cat Nip Spray!

We currently have one of these beautifully unique blankets available, so don’t delay!

As always, you can check out our other lovely Cat Mats in the shop.

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