Litter Robot: Spaceship, Litter Box, or Both?

The Kitties were spoiled this holiday season with a brand new Litter Robot!

Our little household received a nifty new Litter Robot from the kitties’ awesome auntie Jennay for Christmas/humom’s birthday about a month ago. I was SO SURPRISED when I realized this was what came in a giant box to the apartment complex’s front desk. These seriously look like space ship litter boxes! It’s great!

The Set Up

Once we got the box into the apartment, I immediately began to unpack all the parts and put them together.

Screen Shot of the Dimensions and Details for the Bisque-Colored Litter Robot

When I say parts, I mean the little step that slides out on the bottom and the little black rubber mat that goes on top of it. I cannot emphasize enough how easy it was to set this thing up. At first, it had looked intimidating, but the whole thing seemed to be designed to be easy to use. Two polydactyl thumbs up for that!


The First Test

Litter Robot’s manual suggested we leave it turned off until the cats got used to using it. Jennay had seconded this idea, so we set it up in our bathroom, plugged it in and had it run through the initial set up cycle. After that, we turned it off. In the process of turning it off, Louis was already getting in to use it. He was all for it from the start!

Olivia took a little longer to warm up to the Litter Robot than Louis, but was fully comfortable with it in a day or two.

Brown Tabby Cat sitting in front of a new Litter Robot Litter Box
Emory is a bit of a scared-y cat and has not taken to the Litter Robot at all. She seems fascinated by it and will sit in front of it and watch it go through a cleaning cycle, but if I try to put her in the litter, she freaks out. I’m sure eventually she’ll give it a shot, but, until then, having Louis and Olivia use it has really lightened the load for the other litter boxes.

Brown Tabby Cat in front of a new Litter Robot Litter Box

Other Litter Boxes

That’s right, I said other litter boxes. Ideally, with the Litter Robot, you wouldn’t need other litter boxes. However, like I mentioned before, Emory’s not a fan of it (yet…I’m determined), so we’ve left out two of our more-conventional litter boxes in different spots of the apartment. Cleaning those has become even easier, though, since Louis and Olivia use the Litter Robot almost exclusively.

The Details

The Litter Robot requires clumping litter, which worked out for us, since the kitties prefer the Tidy Cat Light Weight style. It doesn’t take much litter, and you really don’t need to completely change it out much since it cycles through to clean it out so often. The used litter falls into a little trash-bag lined shelf connected to the step in the front of the Robot, which you simply pull out, tie up, and toss out.

The Litter Robot came with a few of their branded litter bags, but since those ran out, I’ve just been using regular trash bags. I’m open to other suggestions, though!


We love this thing! I think it’s definitely helped mellow the girls (*cough* Olivia *cough*) who, you may remember, don’t get along purfectly. This definitely has relieved some stress on the girls, though, and it’s definitely made my life easier. We definitely recommend the Litter Robot!

Do you have a Litter Robot? If you do, do you love it? Do your kitties prefer traditional litter boxes or are they adventurous like Louis and Olivia?

P.S. this is NOT a sponsored post! We received the Litter Robot as a gift from our friend (who got equally great — albeit not as creative — gifts from us).

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