Kitty Cat Drama

I love our little lady cats, but all of a sudden, Emory and Olivia are being super difficult. I’m not sure what triggered them, but both have been pretty wound up with each other for the last week or so. Besides a little scratch on Emory’s nose (Olivia had a matching one a while back), they’re really not touching each other, but they are stalking and harassing each other. And good lord they are loud….

I’ve used the Comfort Zone Calming Diffusers for some time now, to moderate success. Our new vet told me, though, that the Feliway brand sprays and diffusers are better and stronger – and certainly a little pricier. However, I think there may be something to that, since both Olivia and Emory seem to be responding better to the Feliway spray than they ever did to the Comfort Zone spray. I’m considering trying the Feliway brand diffusers, too, after the current ones run out.

Besides the Feliway and Calming Diffusers, I’ve been dousing the apartment in cat nip spray, much to Louis’ enjoyment. This seems to mollify the ladies, as well.

We are trying to figure out what exactly triggers the girls. We’re thinking it’s potentially litter box issues, so we set up a fourth box (which may or may not stay around, since it does take up a decent amount of space) and replaced a smaller one with a larger, easier-to-clean one.

Another possibility is that it has something to do with food issues. It’s hard to figure out how much kibble and wet food should go down for the three cats, especially since Louis is so quick to devour it all. I’m trying to figure out just how much I can leave out so that there’s always some kibble out, but not so much that they all – read: Louis – gain too much weight.

Now that I’m done with the Bar – god willing, forever – I can focus more of my energy on the apartment and the warring ladies. They did well last night since everyone was worn out from playtime and greetings after I got home from the Bar and Tampa. I’m going to try to prioritize playing with – read: wearing out – the cats before bed. Hopefully that keeps the evenings and nights more mellow.

I have a bunch of the calming products referenced in this post linked on my Amazon page for easy reference!

Do you have cats that clash? What has worked for you?


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