Chewy Influencer: Taste of the Wild & NaturVet Digestive Enzymes

This month, the kitties tried an awesome wet food and a pre/probiotic food additive as part of the Chewy Influencer program.

The kitties first tried the Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Grain-Free Canned Cat Food. This grain-free food comes in perfectly sized 3 ounce cans with big chunks of proteins like salmon, chicken, and venison. The kitties were able to eat the chunks well enough, too, which I was pleased with since they don’t normally take to chunky wet food very quickly. The wet food has a bunch of great antioxidants in it, including those from tomatoes, blueberries, and raspberries, which are so good for kitties. There’s also extra taurine added to provide extra support for kitty eyesight and heart health. Basically, we would definitely recommend this stuff, especially if your furry friend likes morsel food.


The second product we tried was the NaturVet Digestive Enzymes Plus Probiotic Dog & Cat Powder Supplement. This powder supplement is super fine and mixes into wet food very well – so much so that the kitties didn’t even notice it! This supplement seeks to help promote healthy digestion in both dogs and cats. The kitties take such a small dose each at each time, too, that this 4 oz jar is going to last a good long while!


We received these pouches for free from Chewy as a part of their Chewy Influencer program in exchange for our honest review 🐾

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