Chewy Influencer: Tiki Pets Aloha Friends Variety Pack

The other night, the kitties tried Tiki Pets Aloha Friends Variety Pack Grain-Free Wet Cat Food pouches for dinner!

Louis picked the flavor he, Olivia, and Emory would share and it was an all around hit. Lou devoured his right away. Olivia was a little hesitant, but I added some water and then she decided she liked it. Emory, who has recently decided that she does like fish, ate her whole bowl! There’s a lot of wet food in each pouch so there was plenty for the three kitties to split. Plus, each pouch has pumpkin in it, too, which mixes things up for the kitties and is good for their general health!

We received these pouches for free from Chewy as a part of their Chewy Influencer program in exchange for our honest review 🐾

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