New Home, Renewed Friends

The kitties and I are getting settled in our new apartment. Louis is very pleased to be living with Emory again, since they’re totally besties and love to wrestle and play together. Olivia and Emory, though, are a bit of a different story. These gray tabby girls are not super fond of each other, which has been difficult.

So far, they are doing better now that Olivia is bigger and knows how to defend herself, but she is still wary of Emory. It’s frustrating, since Emory and Louis are so close and both girls are so sweet to me and Brett individually. But, since they were all together last summer, Olivia has learned to wrestle with Louis and gained at least three pounds. Though she is still smaller than Emory, they are fairly evenly matched (especially when you consider Olivia’s extra toes!). These changes, plus lots of Feliway, cat nip spray, and separate food bowls seems to be helping.

Meanwhile, Louis is oblivious to the trouble and just looks for snuggles and snacks. All in all, they like the new apartment. The views are nice so there is good cat TV and even though we haven’t gotten all of my furniture down here yet (read: the kitties’ cat trees and toys), they are enjoying spending time on Emory’s tall cat tree and sling.

It sure is funny to watch the interactions of these guys and see them adapt to change. The move has been pretty eventful, since Brett and I are merging all of our things and I have been studying for the Bar, but the kitties have been (kind of not really) helpful and good company while studying.




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