The Cat Ball – A Favorite of King Louis

If you’re active on the kitty realm of Instagram, you’ve probably seen kitties in colorful and spherical Cat Balls or in Cat Canoes. The Cat Ball is an awesome small business based in Washington. Described on Etsy as “a modern cat bed with two openings,” the Cat Ball is a durable product with a quilt-like design featuring a variety of colorful or neutral fabrics and sturdy-yet-malleable sides.


I got Louis our first Cat Ball a few years ago, and it has been a hit since day one. It has travelled with us, been bunny kicked and pounced on, sprayed with gallons of catnip spray, and generally beaten up by Louis and later Olivia. The Cat BallIMG_6689Still, despite the abuse, our original blue paisley Cat Ball maintains its shape and is a constant favorite of the kitties.

Not long after I had gotten Louis the blue paisley option, I decided to treat Emory to a teal iteration. Like Louis, from day one, it was a hit. Emory particularly enjoyed the string of coordinated fabric that the Cat Ball was tied in; I’ve told her that this was probably just to keep the Cat Ball flat in transit, but she’s convinced it’s a toy.

My third purchase from The Cat Ball was a lovely brown paisley Cat Canoe. Like the Cat Ball, the Cat Canoe was amazingly durable and really well made. Unfortunately, my kitties weren’t too into it – they preferred the full sphere and cavern nature of the regular Cat Ball – so we gave it to our kitty friend, Lionel, who has decided that it’s a pretty awesome bed and toy! (P.S. you should follow Lionel on Instagram!)


Lastly, I impulse purchased a pink chenille and velvet Cat Ball because it was just too cute. I knew this would mean we had three Cat Balls in a two-bedroom apartment, but I just couldn’t resist. I don’t regret the purchase one bit. The cats love it!



We’ve given these as gifts, too, and they are always crowd pleasers! Even with sweet little pups, like Lola! Hugramma’s kitten Lilly is a huge fan of their Cat Ball. If you can’t find Lilly, she’s probably in there!


So, if you’re looking for a unique bed-toy-hybrid for your furbaby, or for a fun gift for a fellow cat parent, we definitely recommend The Cat Ball! Check them out on Etsy, Instagram, or on their website.


This is not a sponsored post. We just really love this product!! 



Does your fur baby have a Cat Ball or a favorite bed? Do they like flat beds or caves?


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