Louis’ Fifth Birthday Pawty

Louis turned five this past weekend, so we had a little pawty for him! It’s hard to believe that my little fur baby is turning five. He’s come a long way from his humble rescue kitty beginnings, so, naturally, we had to celebrate!

We started the day with some of Louis’ favorite wet food – Weruva Cats in the Kitchen – and plenty of play time with one feather stick toys and sparkly pom pom balls. While Brett and I were out, we picked up some new toys and wet food for Louis from Pet Supermarket and wrapped them up in tissue paper and a bag.

My friend Caroline, one of Lou’s favorite aunties, came over with goodies, too, and was eager to celebrate with the birthday boy. She is very crafty and used a handmade stamp she carved of her cat, Lionel, to decorate the bag! Louis suspects she also sprayed it down with some cat nip spray, too.

Louis was very pleased with all of his presents, especially the little plush macaroon toys Caroline got for him. We picked up a cat nip string toy, as well, that all of the kitties have taken turns with already. We even broke out the Cat Wine from Louis’ other auntie, Melanie, and the kitties all shared in libations.

One thing Louis was less than thrilled about was the pawsome king costume Lionel let him borrow. The outfit was totally adorable, but the kitties were not super into it. Regardless, we all got a good laugh and some cute pictures with it!

Have you ever had a birthday party for your fur baby? What was the best part?

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1 thought on “Louis’ Fifth Birthday Pawty

  1. I’m so happy I got to celebrate the Royal’s birthday with him!! Louis is such a charmer. You’ll have to come to Lionel’s pawty next year!


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