Louis & Olivia’s Daily Diet

I have always been very careful with the kitties’ food. I like to mix things up with their wet food, but they typically have the same two kibbles at all times. The nice thing about this system is that they don’t get tired of one wet food and it keeps them open to trying new foods. However, with the kibble, I’ve had such god results with two kibbles in particular that I rarely vary from it.

The primary kibble I use for the kitties is Petcurean’s Now Fresh Grain-Free Adult Recipe Dry Cat Food. Petcurean is an awesome company based in Canada with great customer resources and products. I have gotten this kibble from a number of stores, including some awesome local pet stores in Gainesville like Earth Pets of Gainesville and Earthwise Pets of Gainesville, as well as Amazon and Chewy. This kibble comes in a variety of sizes, including 4 lb and 8 lb options. I would recommend the smaller option if you’re just trying the product out, though, to make sure your kitties like it! Some stores even carry sample bags of it, which are great options for when you want to try a new kibble for your furbaby.

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 8.48.21 PMI like the Now Fresh kibble for a number of reasons, including because it is a grain-free kibble without rendered meat or meat by-products. I have heard contradicting things about whether or not meat by-products are good or bad in kitty diets, so go with your own research on this issue. For my kitties, though, I like that there aren’t fillers in the kibble. Based on past pet food experience with my childhood Pomeranians and community cats, it was incredibly difficult to keep our animals at healthy weights, seemingly in large part because of the kibbles they had.

I’ve had great results with this kibble with my kitties, both in regards to their weights and their appearances. Besides the high-protein content and pre- and probiotics, Now Fresh kibble is great because it has extra omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which promote a healthy coat. I really think that this kibble is what keeps Louis and Olivia’s coats so shiny. I’m sure it’s partially genetics with them – especially with Louis who has otter-like fur – but I’m also sure that a healthy dietary staple like this kibble helps.

The second kibble I rotate in with the Petcurean Now Fresh is Wysong’s Uretic Dry Cat Food. We started mixing the Wysong in with the kitties kibble when Olivia got her first UTI. I was worried that this would become a chronic issue with her and I didn’t want to have to put her on a prescription diet (because, really, how would that work with two other cats? Who was going to tell Louis and Emory that they could not eat Olivia’s food?).

Even though Olivia’s UTIs have been far between and not chronic like I was worried they might be, we still use the Wysong on a regular basis. First of all, it’s pretty cheap, which is nice. A 5 lb bag is just $13.99 at Chewy. Second, it was an immediate hit with all the cats. They all took to it right away!Wysong Uretic Dry Kibble Cat Food

Wysong is a cost effective and crowd-pleasing way to provide your kitty with a health-promoting kibble.  Besides being good for treating UTI and urinary issues, this kibble has rosemary extract to help combat allergies and good levels of taurine to promote eye and heart health. Again, like the Now Fresh, Wysong’s kibble ahs no artificial flavors or by-products.

From time to time, I do like to try other kibbles with the kitties, just to mix things up, but these are their two staples. All this reminds me that I need to order some more of both kibbles since Emory has taken to the kibbles as well!

This is NOT a sponsored post. I just really believe in these products and know my kitties love them.

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The kitties have tried a lot of kibbles besides these two.

Click here for a list of Lou & Liv approved kibbles

What is your kitty’s favorite kibble? Do you like to switch things up or do you stick with one brand and type?

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